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    You wedding reception will be one of the first events of your married life. Often, people take great care and pains to make sure that their wedding reception is celebrated in the manner and with the friends and family that they would like to celebrate it with. People tend to spend a lot of time on the guests at the reception, the reception site, the decorations, and the time schedule for the events. This article is by no means designed to tell you how to celebrate your wedding recption, it is only designed to be a practical guide based on the experiences I have had going to a lot of different weddings in the past 15 years. Out of my wedding experience, an item that I have found to be an effective wedding celebration device are wedding bubbles.

    Wedding Bubbles are usually contained in decorative packaging (often white). There are usually either 12 to 24 individual packages of wedding bubbles in a wedding bubbles box. Each individual box comes with a top, a ladle for blowing and dipping bubbles, and a decorative container. There are a large number of decorative containers available. These container styles include cake shaped, standard, dove shaped, rose shaped, etc. Each package design is typically designed to blend in with the table decorations and overall reception decor.

    How are Wedding Bubles Used?

    Wedding bubbles are typically used at the end of the wedding reception. Most of the time, guests will stand on two sides of a path from the wedding recption to the location of the car that the newly married couple will make their exit in. Once the couple begins down the path, the wedding guests will shower them with wedding bubbles each step of their journey. The resulting path of bubbles can be a beautiful and rewarding site for both the couple, the wedding party, and guests. Wedding bubbles tend to work very well in well lighted areas like outside in the bright sunshine or at night under lights.

    We have also seen wedding bubbles used during the reception to enhance the atmosphere when the guest and the main couple are dancing. This can be quite memorable and can give the guests who aren't dancing a way to participate in the celebration. Bubbles can work especially well for a dance scenario in a dark surrounding with bright dance lights or spotlights on the dance floor. Moreover, bubbles can also be used as a wedding favors as well. Your guests will not only have a way to participate in the celebration, but they also will be able to have a fun reminder of the celebration.

    Why use Wedding Bubbles?

    There are several alternatives to wedding bubbles, neither of which is highly desirable. We have seen a couple of things used to send the wedding couple off: rice, seed, confetti, and even sand. These alternatives, although festive, have some obvious drawbacks. First, all of these items can create a large mess that can be difficult to clean up. Many churhces and reception halls have prohibitions against these types of items since they create messes and can damage the facility. Second, it is difficult for you to provide all of your guests with rice to throw or confeti since that would require a substantial quantity. Moreover, confetti can be difficult to cut up and the others, difficult to carry around since the quantity that would be necessary can be quite heavy.

    Now on the positive side, wedding bubbles are safe. You don't have to worry about someone tripping over rice kernals on the floor or having sand or seed ruin clothing. Bubbles land harmlessly on a person and create a wonderful and festive atmosphere. Wedding bubbles can also be used by children and allow everyone to participate. Wedding bubbles are also easy to carry and come in a decorative container. Moreover, wedding bubbles are quite affordable when compared to the benefits that they provide.


    Wedding bubbles need to be condered when a couple is planning their wedding reception. Wedding bubbles are a quality and celebratory way to send off a newly married couple with the blessing of their wedding guests. The use of wedding bubbles permits a celebration to be festive and removes the perils associated with wedding bubble alternatives. Wedding bubbles provide a festive way for everyone to participate and can make great wedding favors.
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